NOWTHEN, Minn. - An icy rescue in Anoka County, featuring two deputies and a dog, has gone viral.

On Wednesday, the Anoka County Sheriff's Office received a report of a dog that had wandered onto and later fell into a pond.

"The dog was struggling and could not free itself," a Facebook post from the Anoka County Sheriff's Office reads.

Deputies Torborg and Corlew responded and got to work. Torborg donned a cold water suit and headed onto the pond while Corlew assisted with a rope. He said all deputies in the county have these suits in their squad cars.

"She was really not doing anything. She started to close her eyes, I think she was getting close to calling it quits at the time," said Torborg.

He is warning people to stay off the ice, especially with another warm-up coming this weekend.

"Everyone stay off the ice right now. No matter if it’s a big body of water or it's these ponds in the back of people’s properties, they’re not safe right now," said Torborg.

Watch as the successful rescue was caught on camera. The video has nearly 700 shares and more than 4,000 reactions.

The dog, named Morgan, is 11 years old. Her owners told KARE 11 that she is doing well and are thankful deputies were able to save her.