MINNEAPOLIS - Justine Damond was going to marry her fiance' Don next month. Today, his lawyer speaks for him because he's devastated.

"Unfortunately, he's the one who recommended she call 911 or helped her come to that decision," said Bob Bennett, Damond's Attorney.

Last Saturday, Justine did decide to call 911 to report a possible sexual assault in south Minneapolis. According to the Minnesota BCA, Police Officer Mohammad Noor shot from the passenger seat of his squad car, past his partner, killing Justine.

"I think that I see what I typically see in bad shootings and that is a panicked officer responding over-dramatically to other stimuli," said Bennett.

We're still waiting for the full story; Officer Noor hasn't talked with BCA investigators and through the 5th Amendment, he doesn't have to.

"Nobody should ever talk to the police when they're a suspect in a case. To me that's a sin," said Joe Friedberg, a criminal defense attorney not affiliated with this case.

Friedberg can explain why Noor isn't talking; he says it's because it could be used against him later.

"He would be totally unable to say the same thing twice because it's not the type of thing in which you can clearly enunciate your feelings," said Friedberg.

For now, the investigation continues without Noor's cooperation. Bennett says he thinks this investigation could move quickly and there could be a decision to charge or not within 60 days.

"This is why we have to make sure that officer's are fit for duty through the Academy, through the field training operations, that they are proficient with their handguns," said Bennett.

We did reach out to Noor's attorney, Thomas Plunkett, for this story, but we did not get a response.

Plunkett did release a statement on Monday saying Noor was keeping the family in his thoughts and prayers.