MINNEAPOLIS - In Minnesota, St. Patrick's Day has the second-most DWI arrests per hour of any holiday, more than New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July.

So Friday night, Minnesota State Patrol has extra enforcement, like Trooper Keenan Jones looking for drunk drivers.

"I'm looking at just speed," Jones said. "I'm going the speed limit at 60 miles per hour, so anyone that's pulling away from me."

Jones pulled over one silver Hyundai going 70 miles per hour, but didn't make an arrest or issue a ticket.

"I didn't see any signs of impairment," he said. "I asked, to be sure, if she had been drinking and she said no, which I believe. So just a typical traffic stop."

While Jones patrols the roads, Terrall Lewis is working the streets.

Lewis is the Outreach and Youth Engagement Director of the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board. Friday, he had four teams roving downtown to engage with teens, to guide them as trusted advisors and keep them out of trouble.

"We're hoping to re-engage with a very critical part of the downtown population that often times is neglected," he said. "That is the youth."