MINNEAPOLIS. American’s are going hog wild for bacon.

One of the best places to see the love of pork is the Minnesota State Fair.

Tina Jordan of the Big Fat Bacon stand says “when we were first out here we were one of the only people doing bacon and now it seems there’s bacon everything, which is great we love it.”

Crowds of bacon lovers opt for the swine on the stick at the state fair booth but to keep the treat affordable, Jordan has to cut into profit margins.

Cash prices for whole sale pork bellies are up 71% since the beginning of 2017 according to commodity research firm Urner Barry.

Three major factors are affecting this meat market; high demand, low production, plus a major dip in the amount of cold storage reserves.

The reason that Big Fat Bacon won’t up the price for fair goers, “we have not raised our prices because we know it’s important for people to get a good value at the fair.”