MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - Michelle Meiser's son, Bennet, has cerebral palsy that affects his body movement and muscle coordination.

But it doesn't stop him from showing up to every Cardinals game and practice to cheer on his brother, coaches and teammates from the Maple Grove-Osseo baseball teams.

"He's at every game, comes to all the practices," said Rob Wegscheid, co-head coach. "Rain or shine, he's there. I can always hear when he's cheering and waving his dollar."

That dollar is what Bennet gives to all the coaches after each game.

"He's not taking it back," Wegscheid said. "You've got to take it and put it toward a good cause."

The good cause happened at one of the last baseball games of the season. The coaches made Bennet an honorary member of the team, using the money he gave them to buy him a jersey and hat.

"They had all the players go out to the bases and had him run all the bases and high-five him and cheer for him," said Michelle Meiser. "At home plate they all gathered. It was an incredible moment."

"All the kids are able-bodied and able to do what they want to do on the baseball field, and we see them run around the field," Wegscheid said. "The smile on his face was pretty cool."

Meiser said the experience is good not just for Bennet, but for the other kids.

"You see people in the world and are uncomfortable around people who are different, and what these kids are learning by interacting with Bennet is that there's nothing to be uncomfortable about," she said. "He's just like them."

Meiser says Bennet learned about tipping during a trip to Mexico, when he would see his parents tipping the wait staff. It was his idea to start tipping the coaches so they knew that they were doing a job well done.