MINNEAPOLIS - The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning customers of a possible phony cleaning service that collects money but never shows up for clients' appointments.

According to the BBB, four complaints over the last several weeks have been filed against 612 Maids, supposedly located on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, which is actually a UPS Store.

“This is a rather unusual situation,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. “By all appearances, this is an unknown entity that constructed a website, rented a mail drop as their headquarters and began to solicit online payments from hopeful clients.”

The complaints regarding the company state appointments were booked but no one ever showed up to clean their homes. Calls to the company were not returned and no refunds were granted.

According to one complaint, they bought a Groupon for 612 Maids services, contacted the company, booked an appointment but no one ever showed up. Then when the customer tried to contact them, they did not respond to phone calls and eventually, their phone number was disconnected.

The 612 Maids website is still operational and still taking online appointments for cleanings. The BBB points out the company is also using the Minnesota Vikings logo, likely without approval.

The BBB warns customers to take caution if they book services through 612 Maids. They say consumers who have issues should consider filing a dispute with their credit card company and a complaint through the BBB against Groupon, if services were made through that website.