GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn--Paying it forward with kindness has earned a Twin Cities woman some cash and recognition for an idea that came to her while taking a summer walk.

Minneapolis resident Diana Neidecker has been recognized for her 'aha moment' and will receive $1,000 from Mutual of Omaha to further the impact of the Be Nice Box, a monthly subscription box service she created encouraging others to 'spread their own kindness.'

In May, Diana started a blog with the goal of documenting one act of kindness each day for an entire year. Soon after, she left a 13-year career in education and that is when the idea for the Be Nice Box was born.

Each month, subscribers receive a tool kit of kindness: a list of 15 acts of kindness to complete throughout the month, five handmade, sustainable items to aid in completing a few good deeds and a fun gift for themselves! [ID=3963807]

It is all part of Mutual of Omaha's Virtual Aha Moment Tour. Diana shared her 'aha moment' on the Aha Moment Facebook page last month and was announced on November 27 as the recipient of the $1,000 gift.

Since aha moments lead to action, Mutual of Omaha is offering $1,000 to a randomly selected participant in each city they visit through April. Through a physical 20-city tour this summer, the Aha Moment Tour collected nearly 1,000 individual aha moments -- one of which will be aired on a nationally televised commercial this spring. In order to reach more people, Mutual carefully selected individual cities around the U.S. to visit virtually, uncovering more stories from more people. Minneapolis was the first stop