PRIOR LAKE, Minn. - When it comes to name recognition, Dave Beer knew he had a winning campaign.

"I've been given a good last name," he said with a smile. "You can sit at home and complain about things or you can do something about it."

So when the Prior Lake resident decided to get off the sidelines and run for Scott County Commissioner, he also knew he might snag some attention with his campaign slogan.

"Vote for Beer is kind of a catchy," he said.

He just didn't anticipate people snagging so much of his campaign signs. "I anticipated some theft. I mean, Vote for Beer," he said. "Over a 150 were gone in 2 or 3 days."

Every time he and his friends would put up a sign that read Vote for Beer, they'd be gone not long after.

"It seems if you put it up on a Tuesday, Wednesday and then it will last to Friday, Saturday and then it's gone," said Beer's friend John Hengen.

So popular are these campaign signs, it caused some supporters, like Connor Wietgrefe, to nail them down anyway they could. Wietgrefe drilled his sign onto his family's lawnmower.

"It kept getting stolen," he said. Four signs in about two weeks.

So Hengen had an idea: Make a big billboard to put on his truck and drive it around. Surely no one can steal that. "This is a little harder to steal," said Beer.

They drive it through neighborhoods, and park it at football games and farmer's markets.
"We can come in and flash the light and get people's attention," he said.

And while Dave filed a police report, he has his own theories about who is taking his signs. "I figured kids, dads, man caves, garage trophies. That's my first thought," he said.

And this isn't cheap. He says it costs him about $2,000 every time he has to order a new batch of signs. That said, he plans to keep putting out signs, albeit with some "counter measures" he said he rather not get into.

"It really brings people together. That's what it's all about, and if this goofy sign does it, I'm all in," he said.