BLAINE, Minn. - Imagine your wedding bells being interrupted by a jackhammer. That’s the fear of one couple in Blaine who is scheduled to tie the knot on Saturday.

Jamie Ramsey and her fiancé Lance Lohberger got engaged April 2, 2017.

“We booked this place in April,” explained Ramsey.

But today the outside of Banquets of Minnesota at 1009 109th Avenue NE in Blaine looks very different than it did seven months ago.

“We got a phone call four days before the wedding and they informed us there is no siding on our building anymore and that there is scaffolding outside the door which didn’t give us a lot of time to plan,” said Ramsey.

Banquets of Minnesota leases the property and has for about a decade.

“We do not own the building. We own the business,” explained Gloria Cichocki.

She said the building was damaged during the June hail storms.

“We knew our roof was going to be replaced and some necessary things … In terms of the exterior remodel we did not know any specifics on that at all or that it was going on until last week," said Cichocki. "Once they really started and they took off the stucco and the old pain was up and then it became really significant how this will impact our business and the brides and what we have been working so hard for to make this day perfect."

“I am a little embarrassed. I don’t want my guests to think I went for a cheap place. We put a lot of time and money into this and now it doesn’t look very favorable for us,” said Ramsey.

Banquets of Minnesota has offered the couple a "hefty discount" due to the unexpected wedding woes.