LONG LAKE, Minn. - This True Value in Long Lake is busier than usual on this Saturday, but for the worst of circumstances.

"We had another 100 or so this morning and they were gone in an hour and a half ... two hours, so the support is amazing," said owner Mike Kokesh.

Customers like Beth Oslund are showing support for Wayzata Police Officer William Mathews, who tragically died in the line of duty Friday afternoon after being struck by a vehicle along Highway 12.

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"Both of our families are very familiar with him," said Oslund. "He was always a shining face in our community, we saw him often and our children knew him. He was a really good role model for our kids."

"He was a fantastic guy, the nicest guy ever," said Kokesh. "I would see him two, three times a week and even if he was on the side of the road, obviously we knew each other, just a simple wave."

The owners at the True Value are giving away hundreds of blue light bulbs in hopes the residents in both Long Lake and Wayzata light their porches blue tonight in honor of fallen Officer Mathews.

"Being a police officer myself it's very difficult, and we know Bill, he comes in here when he is working on duty and he comes in here when he's off duty with his family so he's not only a customer of ours but he's a friend, colleague, this is more than just ... this is everything," said Kokesh.

Kokesh is a sergeant with the Minnetrista Police Department and says this is a tragedy no family should ever have to go through.

"This is about Officer Mathews and it got back to the family and they appreciate what they are doing and obviously they are in tears and heartache and something like this personally from a law enforcement point of view ... you see that blue light and it's everything," said Kokesh.