MINNEAPOLIS - Dreaming of summer and being on a boat? You're not alone.

January is a big month for the boating community in Minnesota -- with the launch of the Sportsmen's Show in St. Paul and the Minneapolis Boat Show. The 2017 Minneapolis Boat Show comes to the Minneapolis Convention Center on January 19-22. The Sportsmen's Show is January 12-15 at St. Paul's RiverCentre.

"People go and they start dreaming. And, then they start thinking what should I get for accessories this year? Should I upgrade my boat?," said Dale Kurschner of Twin Cities Business.

We do more than dream, though. We spend. Kurschner says boating is a $5.6 billion business in Minnesota.

"Yeah, we talked to some marine dealers, boat dealers throughout the state and more than one of them told us at least one-third of their sales will occur because of the contacts they made at the Boat Show. They're not necessarily buying the boats that day, but between now and May, June, even into July, they may come back and say -- you know, I saw your boat at that Boat Show and I'm going to finally buy it," said Kurschner.

But, remember, buying the boat is just the beginning.

"Just keep in mind it's going to cost you at least $4,000 a year to run it, and store it, and figure out where to park it," said Kurschner.

That's not stopping us from buying. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, Minnesota is 4th in the nation when it comes to buying new boats with 11,000 sold in 2015.