NEW YORK - The father of a former Minnesota Wild player who died in 2011 of an accidental overdose says his son was no friend of the ex-minor league player who sold him Percocet.

Len Boogaard wrote in a letter to a judge that his son, Derek Boogaard, was upset that Jordan Hart was charging him up to $60 a pill.

Derek Boogaard also played for the New York Rangers.

Hart has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge and faces sentencing Thursday. Federal sentencing guidelines call for Hart to face up to six months in jail.

The Boogaard family is arguing that Hart receive a stiffer sentence. “Mr. Hart made the choice to hand out unnecessary Oxycodone — ultimately ending Derek’s life,” wrote Boogaard’s sister, Krysten Boogaard in another letter that was admitted in court. “Whatever sentence is handed to you . . . just know that it will never come close to the pain and suffering your actions have caused me and my family.”

Lawyers for the 33-year-old Hart resident say he became friends with Derek Boogaard after meeting him in September 2010, when they were addicted to painkillers from hockey injuries. The defense team also says that since Hart did not sell the pills that specifically led to Boogaard's death that the court should not hear from his family.