EDINA, Minn. -- A growing number of people these days work from home, and while the flexibility is nice, it does come with its own set of challenges.

A new business in town aims to bridge the gap between the office, that coffee shop you use and your home.

"There are a few different types of environments in the space," says Chet Funk, General Manager of Café Inc.

Café Inc., recently opened in Edina. The new concept focuses their business, on your business.

"Everything from more open work stations that are fully loaded with the technology to private meeting rooms as well, "says Funk.

From secure Wifi connections and printing to conference rooms for rent, all of it connected to a public café. Lunch meeting? They've got you covered. Happy hour meeting? They've got beer and wine at the café. You can even send and receive mail there.

So what does Café Inc. have that you can't get at a coffee shop or your own home? One client says it lends credibility to her business because it's professional.

"We were either really quickly trying to clean our dining room because we have six kids or we were meeting them at coffee shops," says Jen Leavitt.

Leavitt and her husband run Team Leavitt, a consulting firm, she says Café Inc. was the perfect solution for their small company.

"We didn't want to sign a year long or two or three year long lease, and then you're looking at utilities and setting up the internet and all that kind of stuff," says Leavitt.

The concept, if you will, is one part coffee shop, one part Kinkos, one part Delta Sky Lounge, concierge included. You can use Café Inc. for the day, or sign up for one of three different level memberships starting at $49.

"We envision a network of these that all our members have complete reciprocity to, so it's similar to a gym membership," says Funk.

Or, if you're so inclined, you can combine both on the treadmill desk.

The café is also a new concept called Makers and it is brought to you by Dunn Bros.