Dave Dady remembers his son Jesse Dady as being the sort of person who would do anything to bring people together.

"There is nothing that he wanted more than to see his stepmom and mom get along and get together," he said. "He brought them both together for the first time in 10 years."

On Sunday night, Mary Dady, Jesse Dady's mother, and Kelly Dady, his stepmom, stood close to each other as friends and family hugged them and shared their memories of Jesse Dady after a candlelight vigil.

Over 100 family members, friends and people from St. Cloud State University gathered Sunday at Atwood Mall to remember the 21-year-old.

Sunday night's vigil came two days after Jesse Dady's body was found in the Mississippi River. Dady had gone missing in downtown St. Cloud on March 25, leading to a weeklong search focusing on the river.  Police believe Dady fell from a railroad bridge into the river.

When describing his son, Dave Dady said,"He just loved life."

Many others remember Jesse Dady the same way.

"He was the best guy ever," said Drake Thompson, Dady's former roommate. "He was a goofball, super smart ... super funny. You couldn't stay mad at him."

"Always happy" was also used to describe the St. Cloud State junior.

"He was just the type of guy with a sparkle in his eye and smile on his face (who) would brighten your day up," said Travis Siwek, Dady's high school classmate.

The vigil was put on by the St. Cloud State Student Government to provide closure to the campus and greater community after Dady had been found, according Mikaela Johnson, student body president.

"Campus has been on edge paying attention to the news and following the searches," Johnson said. "Talking to students and administration, we really just wanted some sort of closure."

While some students said they did not personally know Jesse, they thought it was important to honor a fellow Husky.

"It's a sign of community, good or bad, Huskies have to stick together," Jack O'Neil-Como said.

Dave Dady said he and the family are pleased with the support they have received from St. Cloud State and the greater community.

"It's heartwarming," he said.