LAKE ELMO, Minn. - An Easter tradition has gotten a whole lot bigger this year.

For decades, Lake Elmo Inn's pastry chef has created a chocolate egg as a decoration.

"The customers love it," said Joni Marty, who has been a pastry chef at the restaurant and event center for more than 30 years.

This year, owner John Schiltz wanted the egg larger than normal. He said last year's creation was about 30 pounds. But this year, he found a mold to make a 100-pound chocolate egg.

"There aren't too many chefs or pastry chefs that do real ornate chocolate wear," said Schiltz.

Marty took on the challenge and in three days completed the creation. The egg is comprised of eight layers of white chocolate. Each half of the egg weighs about 40 pounds, and they were fused together with more chocolate. On the outside, Marty created 240 chocolate flowers to make the egg stand out.

"I’m always nervous when I have to get started on it and it’s a big project, so getting it done is nice and seeing the end product," said Marty.

The egg is on display through April 23. After that, it will be wrapped up and stored for next year's creation.