BURNSVILLE, Minn. - A Republican Minnesota House candidate is charged with domestic assault and strangulation after an incident earlier this month with his wife and son, following an argument over pizza.

Bradly Gerten, 41, was charged Tuesday in the Oct. 1 incident that occurred at his home in Burnsville.

According to the criminal charges, Gerten asked his son if there was any pizza left and became upset when his son told him to look for himself.

His wife tried to intervene after Gerten allegedly grabbed his son, saying "Don't put your hands on my son." At that point, Gerten pushed his wife to the ground, charges state.

Gerten then began choking his son. The son later told police he was having difficulty breathing and was afraid he was going to black out.

Gerten was running for a suburban House seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Sandra Masin.

Both the GOP House Speaker and the Republican Party of Minnesota have disavowed Gerten and vowed they won't support his candidacy. Just a month out before Election Day, it's unlikely they can field a different candidate.