MINNEAPOLIS - In church parking lots all over the state the good word is delivered once a month in "bulk" and on this day it's pork.

"You have one sausage and one bacon," said Zaycon Foods' George Sintay as he fulfilled another order.

What started as a bulk food service in Spokane Valley, Washington has grown to deliveries all over the United States. Zaycon Foods has cars lining up for a good deal and church parking lots are turning into the company's drive-through delivery locations.

"You save a lot of money," said customer Daria Gordhamer. "I've done a little research and the food is high quality."

"Very good bacon, a lot better than that stuff you buy at the stores," said customer Mike Kerns.

Once a month, there's a scheduled meeting place, the Zaycon Foods truck is parked and drivers pull up to get their pre-ordered goods.

All of Zaycon's services can be found at www.zayconfoods.com, registration is free and the only charge is when you choose to purchase something.

"I have five young children, four boys and a girls so they tend to eat a lot of food, already," smiled Gordhamer.

Everything is purchased in bulk bacon, for example, is sold in 36 lb. cases at $3.49 per pound.

The cost for 20 pounds of sausages is $55.80, which breaks down to $2.79 per pound.

Zaycon also offers chicken, ground beef, ham and plenty of other items at varying prices.

Next month's event is scheduled for April 9 and the delivery will include applewood smoked ham and lean ground beef.