MINNEAPOLIS - Some customers are unhappy after the circus came to town but left the animals behind.

Garden Bros Circus advertises elephants, camels, llamas, horses and buffalo on its website.

The elephants are what drew the Scanlon family to the Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday.

"We came here because our daughter wanted to see the elephants," Shari Scanlon said. "We got here, there's a sign that says, 'No animals performing today.'"

Scanlon said she went to ask the woman at the ticket office, who told her they are not allowed to have animals in the building.

"We spent $72 for tickets for VIP to see what?" Scanlon said. "Jugglers? The aerial people? That's not a circus to me."

Scanlon said she was given a number to call and ask for her money back.

Garden Bros declined to comment for this story, but the City of MInneapolis told KARE 11, "Exotic animal permits were not granted because the circus applied too late for the required City inspections to take place."

The Better Business Bureau gives Garden Bros, based out of Florida, an F rating.

"It's a problem," said Dan Hendrickson with the BBB. "People go expecting to see the full gauntlet of animals and then they’re disappointed."

Hendrickson said consumers should do their research by reading reviews and complaints on the BBB website. He said anyone who has had a bad experience can file a complaint.

As for the disappointed Scanlon family, Shari said she hopes she'll get her money back.

"I feel sorry for all these other people who are here for the circus with their kids, because there is no circus," she said. "What's a circus without animals? How disappointing for kids."

The Scanlon family bought VIP tickets to the Garden Bros Circus' stop in Minneapolis. But when they got there, they found the main draw was missing.