EDINA, Minn. – On Sunday, Edina residents got a taste of what it is like to live in a community that deals with seasonal flooding.

"This is the first sandbag wall I've ever had to make," said Mark Lanz, while helping out his neighbor. "I've never seen the creek this high."

With Lake Minnetonka at record-high levels, Minnehaha Creek was also at-capacity. City officials Edina and St. Louis Park have sandbagging materials ready for any resident facing concerns over rising waters.

"We're not used to this," said Edina Fire Chief Tom Schmidtz. "We're seeing water over retaining walls and up to the foundation of homes and in basements."

At least a dozen homes in Edina are affected, more could be added to that list with more rain on the way.

Hennepin County emergency managers are telling residents in low-lying areas to contact their city to see what services they offer when rising water becomes an issue. They also are stressing safety.

"We don't need any tragedies," said Eric Waage, Director of Emergency Management in Hennepin County.

"Stay away from flood waters," he urged.