MINNEAPOLIS - According to a UCLA study, the average American home holds approximately 300,000 items. Our attics, basements and closets are overflowing causing the storage industry to exceed $24 billion.

Kevin Brasler of Twin Cities Consumers' Checkbook says we all have clutter and admits many of us are overwhelmed.

But before you panic, we are here to help. The OHIO rule is a good place to start.

“It stands for 'Only Hand It Once' and it means to go through all your stuff and only touch it once. Have a keep pile and a get rid pile.”

There’s also the one-year rule.

“If you haven’t even noticed it in a year and if you haven’t used it. If it hasn’t given you any pleasure in the last year, it’s time to go,” Brasler said.

Brasler recommends doing this in small sessions so it doesn’t become exhausting. When you have you’re ready to cash in on the stuff you’re getting rid of, Brasler says there’s a robust secondhand clothing market waiting.

“Nowadays there are a lot of online options for this.”

From sites like Craigslist to Poshmark and The RealReal.

“A few things you should know in advance though.”

Brands matter.

“People look for brands. So make sure in your ad you mention the brand,” Brasler said.

Keep it clean and current. Keep seasons in mind.

“This is the time of year to sell winters coats,” Brasler said.

Remember first impressions matter, even with our clothes.

“Do take the time to press things. Photograph them well. They will sell if they do,” Brasler added.

Finally, don’t get insulted if a store or site won’t take your business.

“It's not a judgement on your taste, it's just a matter of what they know they can or can't sell. Some stuff they're not going to be able to sell, so it's actually good they can acknowledge that up front and not waste your time.”