MADISON, Wis. - Police say a contractor working overnight at a restaurant in Madison was literally scared to death when two armed men tried to rob the establishment.

A police report says the two masked robbers entered the Culver's restaurant about 3 a.m. Tuesday while four men were working on a remodeling project. Police say one robber targeted the restaurant's safe while the other robber held the men at gunpoint.

The report says one of the four workers, 56-year-old Christ Edward Kneubuehl of Kenosha, died during the commission of the crime. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval told reporters Tuesday that the robbers would not allow other workers to help the contractor, who was suffering a medical emergency.

Chief Koval says Kneubuehl apparently suffered a fatal heart attack. Although the medical examiner says the cause of death is pending.

Culver's said in a statement that it hoped the perpetrators would soon be in custody and brought to justice.