The City of Coon Rapids received so much hail Sunday that it looked like snow was on the ground.

Public works crews used front-end loaders and even a snowplow to brush away several inches of hail from the streets.

Ron Busch had to get out his snow blower, an unexpected development in June.

"It was like a snow storm – of hail," he said.

The storm happened quickly.

"15, 20 minutes is all it took, and it looked like we had a blizzard," he said.

Liz Birkelo lives across the street from Busch, on 109th Avenue.

"It hit hard, it hit fast, it hit loud," she said. "The hail was incredible, as you can tell. ... We shoveled the driveway, and then they came and plowed, and we shoveled the driveway again."

Hail in the road was leading to flooding, so a plow truck had to come through, leaving heaps that looked like snowbanks.

City crews even brought in a front-end loader.

"Kind of unbelievable," Birkelo said. "Mother nature decides to say hello every once in a while."

Anoka County dispatchers said there were no reports of injuries due to the weather in Coon Rapids, but there was property damage, including shredded screens and holes in the siding of homes.

Neighbors on this street told KARE 11's Ivory Hecker that in 40 years of living in the Coon Rapids area, they've never seen anything like the piles of hail that fell today.