HUDSON, Wis. - The Wisconsin man convicted of murdering his three daughters to get back at his ex-wife has been ordered to pay restitution that totals more than $25,000.

Aaron Schaffhausen is serving three life sentences with no chance of parole for the deaths of Amara, Sophie and Cecilia. Schaffhausen was convicted of slitting the throats of his girls and trying to burn down the family home in July of 2012.

In court Friday Schaffhausen was ordered to pay his wife Jessica $14,661 to cover her lost wages, counseling fees and an emergency room visit that followed the murders of her daughters. A judge also mandated that Schaffhausen will pay $10,704 in court costs after his wife collects her restitution in full.

The question remains, where will the money come from? Even if Aaron Schaffhausen decided to work a job inside the walls of the Waupun prison, he will only make between 16 and 42 cents per hour. Twenty five percent of his pay would be garnished to pay off the restitution, supplemented by any gifts or financial inheritance Schaffhausen receives.