MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis woman is charged with first degree attempted murder after authorities say she purposely hit a man with her car after a dispute over a bar tab.

A criminal complaint filed against 37-year-old Angela Dawn Jackson says the defendant attempted to cause the death of her victim with premeditation and intent.

Squads were called to the 2500 block of Lyndale Avenue South early the morning of August 15 and found a man laying unconscious in the street outside the Bull Dog bar,. Witnesses said the victim, later identified as 39-year-old Tarrince Winbush, had been hit by a speeding vehicle.

Investigators discovered that Winbush had been drinking at the Bull Dog with a group that included Angela Jackson, and that they had argued over the bar tab. The group was asked to leave the bar, and witnesses say Jackson got into her car, did a U-turn and attempted to hit one of the men involved in the dispute, but hit a parked car instead.

A witness says Jackson drove away, stopped to check her vehicle, and then drove around the block, eventually speeding down Lyndale Avenue South and running into Winbush at a high rate of speed. People on the scene say the victim hit the windshield and flew into the air. Winbish is hospitalized with critical injuries, and it is not known if he will survive.

A man who was with Winbush that night identified Jackson as the driver of the vehicle, as did two women who were in the car with her.

Angela Jackson will make her first court appearance Monday at 1:30 p.m. Prosecutors will seek bail of $1 million.