NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. -- Court documents are revealing more about a feud between two neighbors in New Brighton that lead to one man's death, a woman injured and another man in jail.

Monday night a 57-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his neighbor across the street on Knollwood Drive. He also allegedly shot and wounded the female who lived there.

Other neighbors were apparently not all that surprised.

"Ultimately, it's been an ongoing feud between the two and they live directly across the street from each other, so I figured something eventually was going to happen," said Matt Williams.

Neighbors also say the police had been called so many times they stopped counting.

"There have been responses to these homes on several issues, the biggest one that has come to our attention has been the ongoing feeding of deer in the neighborhood," said New Brighton Police Chief Bob Jacobson.

A deer feeder -- a source of contention so big it resulted in a restraining order. The female victim, whose yard the feeder is in, filed for the protection last year. The documents show the shooter had, on numerous occasions, left dead animals or parts of dead animals in her yard. And, on at least three occasions, threatened to harm her. The suspect also passed out a letter in the neighborhood warning about Lyme Disease and other dangers with deer.

The suspect's son remains steadfast about who he believes is the real issue.

"They have been the real drama of the block if you want to call it that," he said. "It sucks that my dad had to do something like this you know, but."

Police say it's not clear yet what caused this final blow-up between the two neighbors, and even if they knew, it still wouldn't explain one person dead, one injured and another in jail.

"It's a senseless tragedy, no matter what surrounds this, no matter what occurred to trigger this," said Jacobson.