APPLE VALLEY, Minn. -  Police in Apple Valley are investigating a pair of alleged dog poisoning cases, just the latest in a rash of similar crimes recently across the metro.

Monday morning Apple Valley Police posted a warning on their Facebook page, mentioning that officers have responded to two animal poisoning calls involving multiple animal victims, including pets and non-domesticated animals in the residential area around Garden View Drive and County Road 42.

Police are unaware of how the poisonings happened but urge residents to be cautious. 

The Apple Valley incidents follow reports of pets being poisoned in one south Minneapolis neighborhood in recent days, and last summer police in St. Paul were called to investigate the poisoning or attempted poisoning of nearly a dozen dogs. Hopkins Police also investigated reports of dogs being lured into eating rat poison in that city. 

Residents are urged to watch out for suspicious activity in their neighborhood, and are asked to contact their veterinarian if they suspect a pet may have been poisoned. If your vet determines the animal has been poisoned, please call 911 to report it.