MANKATO, Minn. - A former star wide receiver for the Minnesota State University at Mankato is a long way from the spotlight, held in a Scott County jail cell on attempted murder charges.

Prosecutors say 25-year-old Dennis E. Carter shot his childhood friend and drug dealing partner in Shakopee just before midnight on August 20 over an unpaid debit.

Officers were called to a campground near the Renaissance Festival grounds on reports of a man that had been shot. When they arrived they found Diaa Ahmed Abedelhakim, who had been shot in the neck. The victim was able to tell officers that the gunman was Dennis E. Carter, and said they were driving to smoke marijuana and go gambling when Carter pulled over, pulled a gun and shot him.

A Jordan Police officer soon spotted a car matching the description of one driven by Carter and pulled the vehicle over. While talking to the officer Carter reportedly sped off, and was again pulled over a distance down Highway 169.

When questioned by detectives Dennis Carter said that he and Abdelhakim had been partners in a marijuana dealing operation, and that he owned the victim a lot of money. Carter insisted that Abelhakim had threatened him several times, and said on the night of the shooting Abdelhakim had actually pulled a handgun on him. The defendant said the two struggled over the gun, he wrestled it away from the victim and accidently fired a single shot.

Abdelhakim told investigators a different story, saying that he and Carter bought a significant amount of marijuana together in California, and that Carter brought it back to Minnesota. The shooting victim told police that Carter met him at a Shakopee gas station, told them they were meeting someone, and drove to a remote area. There, Abdelhakim says, Carter came up behind him and shot him.

The bullet entered the back of the victim's neck and exited his cheek, causing damage to his neck, jaw, sinuses, palate, knocking out numerous teeth, damaged his esophagus and trachea. So far Abdelhakim has undergone two surgeries and will need reconstructive surgery in the future. He cannot eat or swallow normally and will be on a liquid diet for the next six weeks.

Dennis E. Carter is charged with second degree attempted murder, assault and fleeing police. He was the leading receiver for the Minnesota State University at Mankato, helping to lead the team to an NCAA playoff berth.The team's 2013 website says Carter caught 49 passes for 964 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Mavericks director of media relations Dan Denson says Carter's senior year of eligibility was in 2013. "He played for us last year and he did not graduate from the university," Denson said. "He is not enrolled in classes and he is not a student."

Carter is the son of Dennis Carter, who played football for the Minnesota Gophers and went to training camp with the Dallas Cowboys.