WASECA, Minn. - Journals written by a teen charged in an alleged school massacre plot will be sealed and kept from the public eye.

That was just one development in the case against 17-year-old John LaDue, who appeared in Waseca County Court Wednesday morning. LaDue is charged with multiple counts of attempted first degree murder after authorities say they uncovered a plot hatched by the teen to kill his family, set off homemade bombs at Waseca High School and then open fire on students and staff in an attempt to kill as many people as possible.

In court Wednesday Ladue's defense team asked a judge to seal the boy's journals, which police say lays out his plot in detail. Prosecutors did not object, and the judge granted the request. Additional evidence was entered by prosecutors to establish probable cause. During the appearance John LaDue appeared focused and engaged, and was seen making eye contact with his family.

After the proceedings the defendant's father talked to KARE 11's Boua Xiong and steadfastly stood by his son. David LaDue says he loves his son John, is proud of him and hopes he gets the mental health care he needs. LaDue insists his son would have never been able to execute the alleged plot, calling it a cry for help.

"All they know about him is the story he shared, when they walked up on him in the storage locker and that's all they know. And they fully belived that he was going to carry this out," LaDue explained. "I think he would have continued to delay or find a reason, he didn't seem to behave like sombedy who wanted to continue on with this."

David LaDue says he visited his son at the juvenile facility in Red Wing Tuesday and is concerned about his mental health. "I think he's starting to get stir crazy. He's doing everything he's supposed to do," LaDue said. "He's with a lot of convicted hard guys, teenagers and... I think it's a really strange experience for him."

John LaDue's next court appearance is set tor July 7, but the key date in this case could be July 30. That is when the court is expected to consider whether the teen will be waived into adult court, which would make his punishment far more severe if found guilty.