ANOKA, Minn. - An Anoka man is charged with both first and second degree assault after police say he attacked a group of teens with a samurai sword and stabbed one of them.

A criminal complaint issued Thursday says 24-year-old Nicholas Lee Curtis saw two cars with kids in front of his residence who had been toilet papering a neighbors house early the morning of August 26. Investigators allege the defendant grabbed a samurai sword and ran outside, smashed the window of one of the vehicles and began stabbing through the window. One of the teens was stabbed a number of times with the sword.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to his chest and abdomen. He sustained a gash to his palm, a 4-5 inch gash to his forearm, puncture wounds near his ribs, lower back and middle back.

"This is another case where a defendant's uncontrolled anger resulted in serious injuries to the victim," said Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo in a written statement. .