MINNEAPOLIS—The Hennepin County Attorney charged 20-year-old Devon Parker with second degree murder in the shooting of 69-year-old Thomas Sonnenberg.

Parker was supposed to be sentenced on Friday in another case but instead came to Sonnenberg's back door and asked him to call 911, claiming someone was after him.

According to the criminal complaint, Sonnenberg may have been shot with his own gun, which he always carried on his hip. Sonnenberg's wife told police she heard Parker ask for a gun, a knife, hat and gloves and then heard a gunshot followed by silence.

Investigators still don't know why Sonnenberg was targeted. County attorney Mike Freeman said Parker was familiar with the neighborhood but the two didn't know each other. Parker isn't talking.

Parker has a lengthy criminal history and has spent time in jail for assault.

KARE 11 stopped by the home Monday and saw family members moving furniture out of the house. The family declined our request for an interview.