MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis man accused of beating and stabbing his neighborhood mechanic to death faces a steeper sentence due to the cruelty of the crime.

That was the finding of a Hennepin County jury that took ten hours to find 25-year-old Rondell Camp guilty in the death of the mechanic, 56-year-old Steve Parker, Sr. Jurors convicted Camp of second degree murder, and of aggravating circumstances in the murder including the victim's age and vulnerability.

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Police were called to the 3700 block of Aldrich Avenue North the evening of January 29 on reports of a man screaming in the alley. When they arrived officers found Camp crawling through the alley with a leg injury. Parker was found dead in his garage a short distance away. There was blood everywhere, and the mechanic had broken bones in his face, cuts to his head and a large stab wound in his neck. The car inside the garage was Camp's, and Parker had been working on it when a loud argument erupted.

Camp's attorneys argued that it was a case of self-defense because Parker had a gun, but investigators testified that the weapon was found on the other side of the garage and there was no blood on it, indicating that Parker was not holding it when atttacked.