MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis man convicted of supporting a terrorist organization is back in court Tuesday, accused of violating his parole by watching a documentary on ISIS. 

Abdullahi Mohammed Yusuf was sentenced in November of 2016 to 20 years of supervised release after being found guilty of providing support to a terrorist organization. Part of the supervised release involves taking polygraph tests and not accessing materials or media that address extremist or terroristic views.

Yusuf's parole officer alleges that on April 18, following a polygraph test, the defendant admitted to watching a CNN documentary on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) called "Behind the Mask." Yusuf allegedly watched the documentary while he was a resident at a special re-entry facility. 

During Tuesday's hearing Judge Michael Davis began viewing the CNN documentary. The court will finish it at Yusuf's next appearance in federal court May 9. At that time Davis could decide whether he will impose additional sanctions.

Until then, the 21-year-old Yusuf will remain in custody. 

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The defendant was among 9 young Somali men sentenced for their roles in supporting terror organizations, and his sentence was among the most lenient handed down by Judge Davis. Yusuf was given credit for the year he spent in prison, and put on probation for 20 years with a number of restrictions.