MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minnesota bank reacted to the Target security breach by canceling the debit cards of 180 customers, when records showed they used their cards on shopping trips to Target stores between Black Friday and December 15.

"We decided to take a proactive approach and restrict those cards, rather than wait for fraudulent activities," Allen Gundberg, of Wadena State Bank, told KARE Thursday.

"Our security consultants laid out several options and that's the one that we decided would best protect our customers."

He said the bank realized that waiting for the new card to arrive would inconvenience customers, but said they will be able to use checks where accepted and withdraw cash from the bank.


Target has advised customers to check their credit and debit card accounts for suspicious activity, but the company doesn't recommend canceling those accounts.

Lynsey Maloney of Deer Creek told KARE the call from the bank caught her by surprise.

"It was the bank and they said, 'We're calling to tell you that with this Target thing, you used the card at Target, and so they compromised your debit card number. So it's canceled, so you can't use it'," Maloney explained.

"They said, 'We will issue another one, but it will be 10 to 14 days.' And I was thinking, 'Whoa' Okay.. sure."

Maloney said the card number is tied to several monthly automatic payments, so she'll have to call those companies and ask them not to charge that card number until a new one is issued. It's especially inconvenient for Maloney, because she's temporarily living at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, three hours from home, while her twin infant sons are being treated for cancer.

Her husband and two-year-old daughter are still in Wadena, but travel back and forth to see the twin boys.

Despite the disruption caused by having her card canceled, Maloney said she understands why the bank took the action it did.

"It maybe will prevent something bad from happening with our bank account."