MINNEAPOLIS - A Minneapolis Police officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law after being charged with criminal sexual conduct involving a vulnerable person.

A criminal complaint says 47-year-old Thomas Robert Tichich of Plymouth was off duty and out drinking with a friend and two female acquaintances at bars in northeast Minneapolis on December 14, 2016. One of the women (referred to by police as 'Witness') told investigators that Tichich and his alleged victim had too much to drink, The witness said she offered to have the two sleep on couches in her living room, and they accepted.

The homeowner says she made a drink for Tichich and went upstairs to go to bed after the alleged victim passed out on the couch. She was not concerned about what could happen because there was no prior relationship between the two.

After going to bed, the witness reports that she awoke to find Tichich in bed with her, touching her arm. She yelled at him to get out, ran to another bedroom across the hall and barricaded herself in. Unable to sleep, she went downstairs to tell Tichich to leave. As she walked down the stairs the woman says she saw Tichich naked and attempting to engage in a sexual act with the victim, who was still passed out. She snapped two cell phone pictures to document what was happening.

The woman then chased Tichich out of her home, throwing his clothes and shoes out the door into the cold. He left his phone on an end table. She called police, who responded and were unable to wake up the victim until they used a special pressure technique. Once she woke the victim told officers she did not recall consenting to sex with Tichich.

The following day he allegedly emailed the witness, saying "my drunk ass had way to (sic) much to drink. I apologize. Is my phone at your place?"

Thomas Robert Tichich is charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Thursday.