BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Police have released surveillance footage of two men burglarizing a Bloomington mosque, hoping it will lead to the arrest of those responsible.

The suspects, wearing ape or gorilla masks, forced their way into the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center early Friday morning, breaking windows and prying doors. The video shows them lifting a heavy safe onto a chair with rollers and making off with it. Both men were wearing heavy clothing and carrying duffel bags over their shoulders.

Despite the fact the burglary comes just two months after a bombing at the Islamic Center, police are not considering it a hate crime. 

Investigators are urging people to focus on the physical characteristics of the suspects, noting that the bigger man has a very distinctive walk.

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While the break-in and burglary comes just two months after someone detonated a bomb at the center, police do not believe this is a hate crime, just a theft of property. They are encouraging anyone with information to call 952-563-4900.