MINNEAPOLIS - A south metro man is charged with criminal vehicular homicide in a wrong-way crash that killed three members of a Minnesota family last December.

Prosecutors say 35-year-old Patrick Hayes of Savage concealed his history of epileptic seizures and kept driving until he caused a head-on crash on I-494 December 2 that killed a 2-year-old Payton Bailey, his mother Dylan and grandmother Dawn Chido. Two others in the vehicle suffered serious injuries.

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Surveillance video from the airport shows Hayes pulling his car off on the shoulder of the westbound lanes, then performing a U-turn and driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The car carrying the victims entered I-494 from westbound Highway 5 and was struck head-on.

Investigators talked to Hayes' ex-wife and learned that he has a history of epileptic seizures, and was under daily medication for it. She told detectives he would not lose consciousness but would do strange things when suffering a seizure.

Records show that Hayes had been involved in two prior car crashes, one where a witness said he was driving near 100 miles per hour before hitting another vehicle and fleeing on foot. In the second incident investigators say Hayes caused an 11-vehicle pileup, and was described by witnesses as being 'out of it.' Further probing discovered a 2014 accident Hayes was involved in down in Texas, where he suffered a seizure and struck a building.

Minnesota State Records show Hayes never disclosed his condition while applying for his driver's license.