GRANTSBURG, Wis. - A 19-year-old man is charged with making threats that shut down two western Wisconsin school districts Tuesday. 

Burnett County prosecutors say Jacob Aaron Wicklund posted those threats in what appears to be a private page on Facebook, saying he was going to become a "school shooter." 

Investigators say they were called by the defendant's stepfather after he began receiving forwarded messages from friends that Wicklund was posting on a private room called "Confessions of Mine." On that page, Wicklund posted two messages. The first read:

"This is the day I've decided to become a school shooter."

The second reads:

"You ass***** will get the justice you deserve. I will as well, but I'll tell you now-It's not jail."

Wicklund's stepfather said those messages began coming in early Tuesday morning, but he did not retrieve and read them until later, when he called police. He says Wicklund has drug and alcohol problems, and is bipolar. His stepfather said Wicklund has followed through with threats he has made in the past and what he read in those Facebook posts scared him. 

The decision was made to call off class at schools in both Grantsburg and in nearby Siren. 

Superintendent Joni Burgin posted on the Grantsburg Public Schools Facebook page that classes were canceled and school buildings would be closed due to a "safety threat" that needed to be investigated.

"Please do not send students to school," Burgin posted. "Bus drivers have been asked to bring students back home."