ST. PAUL, Minn. - A suspect in Friday's triple homicide on St. Paul's east side has been released from jail after the Ramsey County Attorney's Office at least temporarily declined to file criminal charges, saying there is currently insufficient evidence to prosecute. 

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Spokesman Dennis Gerhardstein released a statement early Monday afternoon announcing prosecutors have returned the case against the 19-year-old half-brother of alleged shooter Jeffery Jemaile Taylor to St. Paul Police for additional work. Police spokesman Steve Linders says this happens from time to time, and homicide detectives will continuing gathering facts and accumulating evidence in hopes of resubmitting the case. 

The Saint Paul Police Department presented its investigative file on Jeffery Arkis Taylor to our office this morning for possible criminal charges. After reviewing the case, we determined further investigation is needed to establish the extent and nature of Taylor’s involvement in the events surrounding the triple homicide. Therefore, we have returned the case to Saint Paul police for further investigation.

Our hearts go out to the friends and family of those lost in this tragic incident.

The decision not to file charges resulted in Taylor's half-brother being released from jail at noon. 

Police responded to an apartment building on the 1600 block of English Street around 1 a.m. Friday and found 47-year-old Wade McIntosh and his daughters, 17-year-old Olivia and 19-year-old Maria shot to death. McIntosh's ex-wife had also been shot, and she remains hospitalized. The body of Taylor, the alleged gunman, was found nearby, and on Monday police announced that his death was a suicide, caused by a gunshot to the head. Taylor had a child with Maria McIntosh, and the two were reportedly having a custody dispute over the little girl.

Responding officers located Taylor's brother hiding in a shed with the couple's 18-month-old daughter, who was unharmed. At this point detectives aren't sure what role he played in the triple homicide, if any. 

Meantime, family members of the victims are urging young women in abusive relationships to speak out, after they say they've learned of prior abuse leading up to the murders.

Jeffery Jemaile Taylor doesn't have any prior domestic violence charges, and police records show no domestic assault-related calls for service to his home.

But in 2015 he was charged with assault for punching a high school student at Roseville High School several times in the head because the teen "was communicating with Taylor's girlfriend," according to court documents.

Maria McIntosh's family members say she and Taylor were fighting all day about custody of their daughter Cheyenne leading up to the shootings.

"They had been arguing that whole day, and apparently he came back and did what he did. That horrific thing," said Fernando Cornejo.