EAGAN, Minn. - Three teenagers face aggravated robbery charges after an Eagan man claims he was attacked while trying to hire a teenager for sex over the Internet.

According to the criminal complaint, the man told police that he organized a meeting at his apartment on June 11, but when the woman arrived, two other women also forced their way into his apartment.

The women took $100 off of the counter and threatened to kill the man if he didn't give them more money.

The man refused and tried to push them out of his apartment, according to the complaint. The complaint said that one of the women stabbed him in the temple with a pen while the others punched him in the head.

Police said the man's brother, who was home at the time, agreed to drive the women to an ATM and get them more money, but they instead grabbed his keys and took his vehicle.

The stolen car was spotted a few hours later by authorities in Plymouth, according to the complaint. It said that in addition to the three teens, two men were also inside of the vehicle.

Riley L. Closson, of Eagan, was charged Monday with second-degree aggravated robbery. A woman from Plymouth and and a woman from St. Peter have not yet been charged.


Closson said she saw what happened in the apartment but did not participate, according to the complaint.

The two other women denied involved during questioning by police, but squad car video taken while they were alone the back seat recorded an admission to the crimes, police said.