MINNEAPOLIS - A Twin Cities locksmith featured by KARE 11 Investigates last month faces new charges, and now a warrant is out for his arrest.

Todd Shiber, the owner of Metro Lockout, is charged in Ramsey County with two counts of fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and destruction of property from an incident that happened December 10.

According to the criminal complaint, two sisters from St. Paul called Metro Lockout to get their keys out of their car. When Shiber arrived, the women say he was immediately hostile and screaming at them for no reason.

The women told police Shiber threw keys at one of the women and punched her in the face. And when they threatened to call 911, the women say he threw one of them to the ground, began kicking her, and chucked her phone across the parking lot, breaking the screen.

Shiber has been charged in incidents involving two other customers, in Oakdale and Brooklyn Center.

The Oakdale case is still pending, and Shiber received two days in the workhouse in the Brooklyn Center case, with the condition he has no similar incidents.

Shiber also admitted to throwing a Frosty at the face of a drive-thru employee at a Wendy's in Burnsville, and prosecutors agreed to drop the charge in a year if he stays out of trouble.

It is unclear whether the latest charges will affect his prior cases.

KARE 11 Investigates also interviewed several other customers who called police during an altercation with Shiber but in those cases, the investigation did not result in charges.

This most recent criminal complaint references the KARE 11 report in May, before requesting a warrant for Shiber's arrest.

"A warrant is requested because of the seriousness of the assault in this case and concerns that the Defendant will continue his assaultive behavior toward members of the public, given the recent accounts of the Defendant's assaultive behavior in his capacity as a locksmith."