DELANO, Minn. - The Crow River in Delano is expected to crest at 17 feet, 6 inches, which is a record for October.

The river is usually high in Delano in the spring, but this is extremely rare for fall.

If the water reaches the bottom of the bridge, that's 18 feet. It's happened four times in the last seven years, but again, never like this in the fall.

"Last year it was in August. This year in October. As you look back at recorded history, it's very unusual," said Phil Kern, Delano city administrator.

Compared to 1965, when Delano's entire downtown was waist-deep in water, this is nothing.

Pumps around town are taking care of the water that in some places ise creeping pretty close to homes.

But the real worry will come after the snow melts.

"Whenever we have high water in the fall, we're certainly more concerned about what the spring can bring," Kern said.

If this autumn swollen river leads to widespread flooding next year, it could cause a lot of trouble.

And "Mr. Delano," city historian Bill Eppel, will make sure to record it.

"If you live here, you have to put up with it. I get used to keeping track of it," said Eppel.

The cause of this high water, Kern said, is all that rain a couple weeks ago filled up the water basins outside town, which is what is now causing the river to rise.

Two years ago, the city installed underground posts between the river and downtown, so if the water gets too high, they can click in a fence to protect downtown.