ST. MICHAEL, Minn. - Usually a steaming cup of coffee is part of the waking up process at Sadie's Cafe in St. Michael.

On Wednesday, there was no caffeine needed.

Sadies' co-owner Kim Walden was looking out the front window of the Colonial Mall around 7:45 a.m. when she spotted something running right down the middle of Highway 241, a heavily-traveled route into town.

"That's not a dog, that's a deer," Kim recalled thinking.

An approaching vehicle apparently spooked the critter, which took a sharp turn, veered towards the mall and crashed right through the glass doors as Walden looked on.

The deer, obviously spooked, careened around the mall for about 2 minutes, slipping on the tile floor as it sought to get solid footing. Eventually Kim's chef ran out of the Sadie's kitchen, opened the mall's back door, and the young buck found his escape.

"That was a godsend," Walden said about the fact that the scared deer didn't damage any of the multiple businesses inside the mall.

The Sadie's crew watched as he became stuck among some vehicles at the local post office, then freed himself to stumble off through a corn field. The little buck lost his antlers, and Kim Walden fears he may eventually surrender his life as well due to the injuries he incurred.