CHANHASSEN, Minn. - The saga of dogs allowed to escape from a toney Twin Cities dog kennel earlier this month has come to a happy ending, now that the last dog on the loose has been located and reunited with his owner.

Mumford, a fluffy and photogenic pooch, was found in a residential neighborhood about a mile as the crow flies from Canine Club & Spa in Chanhassen. Mumford was one of a handful of dog guests that got out through a fence door that was left open August 20. The owner of the business blames a disgruntled former employee for letting the canines escape.

While the others were located and reunited with their owners soon afterwards, Mumford proved a bit more evasive. He was spotted two or three times in nearby neighborhoods in subsequent days, and once was found sleeping on a porch, but was spooked by that homeowner's dog and ran before he could be confined.

The repeated sightings gave searchers a good idea where Mumford was, and he was eventually located and reunited with owner Rachel Munkeby. "I think he was on the run, probably looking for food. He was spotted on both sides of Highway 41 throughout the week," Munkeby shared with KARE 11's Lou Raguse.

At this point all the dogs that escaped are alive and safe.

A spokesman for the kennel says owners are working hard to find out what led to the release of the dogs. "We have a whole crew, including an attorney, our insurance company and our staff doing everything in their power to find out how, when and why, and to make sure this never happens again," said Mike Hanson, whose family operates Canine Club & Spa.