MINNEAPOLIS - When you're really hungry it can be hard to think about ANYTHING else.

A Minnesota motorist is a case in point. The gentleman was driving on I-35W near County Road E2, just after 5:15 p.m. July 2 when his vehicle stalled out, blocking a lane of traffic on the interstate. A Minnesota State Trooper arrived on the scene to assist, and pushed the non-running car off the freeway and into a parking lot with his squad car.

When he ran the driver's information, the trooper discovered he was operating on a suspended license. As he wrote up a citation, a Jimmy John's driver pulled up in the parking lot. When the trooper asked what he needed, the delivery guy told him someone at this address (the parking lot) ordered a sandwich.

At that moment the stalled motorist stuck his head out the window and said, "That was me." Turns out the dude was too hungry to think about anything else, including an expensive ticket, and rang up the local Jimmy John's for a sandwich.

As the State Patrol said on its Facebook page, "Jimmy John's really is freaky fast. But we don't suggest eating and driving."