MINNEAPOLIS - As summer wraps up, kids are getting ready to head back to school.

For some of them, this is an exciting time. But for others, it can be nerve-wracking.

Elizabeth Meade, Chief of Pediatrics at Swedish Hospital, has some ways to help calm your kids, no matter their age.

"For preschoolers its typically that they're anxious about being separated from parents," she said.

That might be the case for elementary school students, too, as routines are changing.

"The more you can visit the school ahead of time, meet the teacher, other kids that are going to be there, that's super helpful for that age," she said.

Students bound for middle school might encounter social stress both in the classroom and online.

"I think you have to be honest with your kids and say to those ages of kids, 'If you want to have an Instagram or Facebook account or Snapchat, that's OK, but you need to know I am going to be looking at it from time to time,'" Meade said.

She said social stress can get more intense for high school students, with more tests and sports.

"It's a lot of pressure," she said.

Meade says communication with your kids is key.

"High schoolers can really take a lot of charge with their own schedules and be very independent and responsible, but I think having some guidance from parents is helpful," she said.

And something you could consider for the weekend is throwing a party for your child and their friends.

"I think it is very useful for kids to feel like that have a friendly face in the crowd and someone they know they can go up to and talk when they get to school," Meade said.