EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN -- This fire station is changing in a big way, it's adding a new 7500 gallon rain collection system and a native prairie which will surround part of the building. To make these changes, they are being funded in part by the $130,000 grant provided by the Metropolitan Council. Work is still being done on the final components of the water collection system which will be used around the property and also inside.

"That water is then run through a filtration system to allow us to wash fire trucks with it and it also allows us to irrigate the property with it with that same water." said Rick Wahlan, Manager of Utility Operations

A clean firetruck is a big deal in the fire department, they are washed every time they return to the station.

"That's also a tradition in the fire service to have everything that we have to be spotless. It's not our equipment, its the taxpayers so we need to be responsible." said George Esbensen. Eden Prairie Fire Chief.

Outside the fire station, the green lawn is out and being replaced with something that's a little more functional, a native prairie that is actually quite the process to install.

"It's kind of a two step process; you put some of the native planting down, but then you also cover it with rye grass so that comes up and chokes out the any of the weeds, but it doesn't look all that attractive. In subsequent years the native plantings take more of a foothold." said George.

By putting the prairie back in Eden Prairie, they want to serve as a model for other residents to see what they can do on their own property.