SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO ---- It may have been the scariest 24 hours of Dr. Miguel Fiol's life. As Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, Fiol hunkered down with his family members and together, they rode out the monster storm.

"It's like a bomb was dropped on Puerto Rico," said Dr. Fiol, a neurologist who lives in Edina but owns an apartment in San Juan.

"A lot of the roads are damaged. The roads are blocked with water. You can't go anywhere," described Dr. Fiol.

He was forced to evacuate his apartment because it was dangerously close to the coast. "I don't know if my apartment was blown away. That is a possibility."

As the government tries to asses the full extent of the damage, Dr. Fiol is ready to get to work. He plans to head to nearby shelters to provide medical care for evacuees in need.

"Puerto Ricans are tough," added Dr. Fiol. "We're in a fighting spirit."

Puerto Ricans in the Twin Cities have organized a benefit concert, featuring artists from Puerto Rico, NYC and the Twin Cities. Money raised will go to help Hurricane Maria victims. See the flyer below for more information.