MINNEAPOLIS -- A group of 20-year-olds have started a 30-day crowdfunding challenge to raise money for a program that serves at-risk students.

The program Save our Schools got its start about one year ago in a dorm room and has since raised nearly $30,000 in donations.

Minneapolis native Josh Thelemann, now in his early 20's, founded the non-profit that focuses on providing educational opportunities for at risk youth.

Many of the opportunities are otherwise unattainable due to issues with transportation, cost, any limitation or challenge facing our students and their families

The group has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $25,000 for programming by next month.

Last school year, the group raised $30,000 that funded programs in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Minneapolis City Council member Kevin Reich said the city gave SOS a Local Hero award for its Pillsbury Pedal Power program. The program encouraged kids to ride their bikes across the city after school.

"Pillsbury Pedal Power was the brain child of a fourth grade student who worked on a concept that would see himself and 45 other of his classmates would have something productive to do after school," Thelemann said. "The studied science, history, art and then were able to ride bikes to all of these various locations for a hands on learning."

"The core activities in this school that are test oriented and student sometimes miss out on the fun activities that are important for not only their education but for their health. Recess, gym and have been cut back," Reich said. "Programs like Pedal Power that SOS fund, are underwriting those activities and providing those opportunities."

That's just one example of the group's investment. They have high hopes to do more.

"I know that given the opportunity, any of these students can make anything of themselves," Thelemann said.

Click here or more information about the Save our Schools program.