MINNEAPOLIS - The third-graders in Ms. Norma Romero's classroom have 10 years or so before they are old enough to vote.

But she and other teachers across the state say students should be learning about the election process at a young age.

"We are looking for a good president who protects all the state and all the people," said Joshua, a student at Windom School in Minneapolis, one of many schools participating in the first-ever statewide mock election.

Students have been learning about the candidates and discussing the electoral and voting process since the start of the academic year. On Tuesday, the students will cast their ballots.

"It's important for them to have an understanding of how the system works and why it's important for them to go out and vote when they are old enough to," said Romero.

The ballots will be forwarded to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office. The results will be announced Nov. 1st.

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