MINNEAPOLIS - Kelly Bernards wants to live a life of helping others. That’s a big reason she decided to attend nursing school at the Minnesota School of Business.

She and her friends want to work as nurses in Minnesota. But Bernards says her future with the school is uncertain.

The U.S. Department of Education sent a letter to the CEO of Globe University and the Minnesota School of Business ordering officials to stop enrolling new students. A U.S. Department spokesperson says the move comes after a Hennepin County district judge ruled the school defrauded students by leading them to believe a criminal justice degree would make them eligible to become police officers. As a result of that finding, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education issued an order revoking the school’s license to operate in Minnesota, impacting students in all programs.

“We are worried we will be at risk of paying our loans and not completing our degree,” Bernards said. “We are also worried if we are able to transfer to another school, our credits will not move with us. That will be like starting from square one.”

Meanwhile, the school is appealing the decision made by the Minnesota office of higher education. A spokesperson with the school released the following statement Thursday:

We continue to fight hard for and alongside our nursing students, and those in every other program who are working so diligently to earn a degree to better their lives and the lives of their families. We believe the Office of Higher Education’s Order reaches far beyond what was necessary, penalizing students in every program for findings related to a single program that is no longer offered. Our nursing students routinely have a high first-time pass rate on the NCLEX, are successful in their careers, are passionate about their profession and are in great demand in their industry. It is imperative they be allowed to complete their program. Not allowing those students to complete not only has a devastating impact on them, it threatens the quality of health care for all Minnesotans. We appreciate how strongly and passionately many of our students have advocated for our Schools and we will continue to do the same for them.